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Thank you!!

I viewed a house that I so desperately wanted, to enable me to live once again with my daughter...there was so much interest in the house. I was told to expect a phone call either way in the next couple of days.....but i couldn't wait that long!!! So I submitted my order and then waited. Within an hour i received a phonecall telling me i had been chosen to take the house. I completely trust cosmic ordering as my wishes have come true every single time I've asked them. I am so happy!!!!

requests granted

Thank you God and Universe for adding 5000 to my allowance. Also for my request that my son will be favored by the teacher that he will be spared from summer classes and true enough he was granted with all favors. And lastly, I received a message from the person who is very important to me yesterday. Thank God for all the favors and blessings. I ask that all my requests will be granted in no time.. Am so excited for something big wonderful and great to happen..

Thank God and the Universe!

Dear God & the Universe,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the break that we got today! Thank you for guiding us towards designing the collection that was accepted and appreciated with enthusiasm! We feel so happy that people like what we're doing and have placed an order which will lead to more in the future!

Thank you for your blessings!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

M xx

Advice on ordering for someone else.

Just looking for some advice, I've had mixed results from the cosmic ordering however I'm putting this down to poorly wording some requests so it's obviously something I need to work on. Any help and advice on how specific one should be would be gratefully received.
My questions are:
Is it messing with freewill to ask for something for someone else? My brother currently working away from home. He has thus far struggled to meet new friends and spends a lot of time on his own. His last relationship ended over a year ago. I would like him to make some good friends and also meet a special someone but I'm really worried that if I word it wrong I could end up pushing him into a 'bad' crowd or end up drawing the wrong people / persons to him. My thoughts were that as long as my intentions were good then I probably wouldn't do any harm but I wanted to ask for help and guidance before trying anything. I obviously also don't want to force MY idea's of the 'right' people onto him.
Thanks for your help

Ordering for someone else...

Dear Gilz,

Just by coincidence I was about to make a special cosmic request for someone else myself, today! I hope you don't mind if I share my thoughts on this...

I believe that any good thoughts sent out to the Universe, full of love and positive energy must come back positively. I don't believe that, God, the Cosmic Forces or the Universe would ever punish you for "mis-wording" a cosmic order. After all, it's the FEELING that you feel which is actually the true force which makes things happen and though you might be worried about the "wording" of your request, if you visualize your brother happy and making friends with good people who make his life better and keep these images in your mind of him really enjoying his new surroundings and getting help from people around him, then THIS is what the Universe will hear. Don't worry about the wording...actually, I've learned this from reading the book The Secret which I've found gives much more information after watching the DVD that it's the FEELING that you generate from making your request, the GOOD feeling that you keep inside you that is the true force that makes your cosmic orders manifest.

I hope this helps!

I hope your brother makes lots of new friends who help him enjoy his time away from home too!

Best Wishes,

M xx

Cannot sell my house to move for sake of my family

I moved to a village in Derbyshire almost 4 years ago after a divorce. I couldn't afford a house in London for my 3 children so Derbyshire offered the potential of a large modern house. The village I live in is relatively large, very picturesque with meadows and lovely dog walks and the house I bought is an estate built in 1999. It was hard for my children to settle into the village having been born and known only London. They were young, 12, 11, 9 years of age, and I felt that at their age they will quickly merge into village life. I was wrong. Being of Indian origins in this all white community meant that it was hard to blend in. There were a few racial incidents at school and in the nearby park and the school did nothing much to help. A year later, my middle child organised, without my knowledge, for her London cousins to pick her. She left me Sad( Her grandmother in London offered to educate privately in London at that time so, with a heavy crushing weight on my heart, I let her go. With continuing racism in the school, I moved my eldest to a Derby city school, which meant a little more multi cultural. She was in the midst of her GCSEs and it was a very detrimental move for her. She did less well than she could have and her morale was low. When she would take the bus back to the village and on her way home she would get the occasional racist slander. She soon began to hang around more and more in the city with her friends from college and eventually piercings after piercings began to appear on her body at the age of 15. Despite punishing her by grounding her, taking her luxuries away, not allowing her out this continued until she took to smoking and drinking spirits. I suppose some kids, irrelevant of race or background, have such behaviour as part of growing up. At home we had a very stable life, the kids adored and were supported by their step dad, we both had stable jobs and took care of the kids' needs and our dogs and home. What should have been a lovely settled life was erratic. I felt, last year, that if I moved into the city, perhaps the kids will be more at ease in a more multi cultural environment. I put the house up for sale. Just a few months before I put the house up for sale, the next door neighbour built a huge dormer directly overlooking m back garden. Despite multiple contacts to the local village council, I was told the neighbours could put this dormer provided it was on the back of their house and that they didn't need planning permission either. When I put my house up for sale last year, every visitor or nearly every visitor loved the house, the location, the decor, the facilities in the house. However, the moment they went in the garden or looked to the back of my house and spotted the dormer all their faces literally dropped. The estate agents have told me each time I have these rejections was due to the house being overlooked. I lost heart after multiple viewings and took the house off the market. Months later, my daughter was not coming home at all, staying all weekend, getting drunk and eventually getting a tattoo she didn't remember agreeing to. 2 weeks ago, I became desperate, desperate to put my children into a better area so they can flourish instead of self mutilation. I have had 2 viewings and it's the same story again Sad

A friend on Facebook told me about a Cosmic Order might help me. I am a heartbroken, helpless mum and I did my first Cosmic Order on 09/04/12 for my house to sell so that I could buy a house I have seen in Derby. I am tired, helpless, desperate......all I ask is for somebody to find nothing wrong with the house and its location and to buy it off me so we can move on and regain who we are and do good for ourselves and for those around us.....

Thank you for listening.

Keeping faith

Keep faith - the energy will change and you will move on from this. This is just a blip in your lives, energy is transient, it will move again for you in a positive way, keep believing that it will and it will! x

Everything will work out for you!

Dear Friend,
It's so sad to hear your story, but at least you have taken this first step and keep faith that everything will work out for you. Everyone who reads your story will be sending you positive energy and love.
I think the best thing I can recommend to you is to purchase the DVD and the Book THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this right now! Just get it from Amazon immediately! When you watch the film and read the book, you'll realize how much you can change things for the better and all by focusing on what you want - NOT what you don't want. Keep picturing and visualizing that your home is sold, maybe even a SOLD board outside and that you and your family are somewhere where you are ALL happy and content, at peace and enjoying life. Just focus on the end result, NOT HOW it will happen - just leave that part to God and the Universe and have faith. Maybe it would help if you wrote down how you want your life to be but write it down as it is already so: start with "I am so happy and grateful now that..." Look for photos of a time when your children were happy and smiling and all of you were having fun together. Put them on a mood board with photos of your ideal home and things that you enjoy doing. Focus on this everyday. I hope that this helps!
Best Wishes,
M x

Already feel relieved

After ordering a number of requests to help out many aspects of both mine, my friends and families life i already feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Ill let you know how these requests go, putting my whole trust into the universe. Smile lets wait and see


Thank you I asked for help for my niece to get out of debt, she won some money today at the races !!! thank you Universe, I still have one big favour on order and I'm confident the universe will manifest my order.
Thank you,

Thank You!

I wish to extend a thank you to all of the beautiful and courageous people who have been posting on this board. The successes and kind words are so encouraging to read and if nothing else, that is something to be grateful for. Knowing the good of God and the greatness of the Universe, I know that all of us will reach our highest dreams because we ask in gratitude, with open hearts. "Ask, and you shall receive."

In love and light,

Thank God and the Universe!

Thank you God and the Universe for blessing me with love and abundance. I am so grateful for everything good in my life and for being able to share my wealth with those in need. The Universe has shown me that its blessings are infinite and that all I need to do is ask, believe and have faith as well as know that I am loved by the Universe and that I deserve good things - the door is open for blessings to flood through, I am ready to receive and I am so grateful.

Last night, my eyes were opened to a mistake I was making in my thinking and feeling...God and the Universe gently guided me to see where I was going wrong and I feel so happy now. I played a lottery number yesterday and I won! God and the Universe are blessing me everyday in every way!

Thank You sooooo much, God! Thank you soooo much Universe!

M xx

Lottery blessings

Big smile That is so nice and I thank the universe for blessing you with abundance and love.

Thank you Sweetspirit!

Dear Sweetspirit,

Thank you so much for your very kind message! It was very sweet of you to respond!
I have faith that God and the Universe will guide us in the right direction!

God Bless,
M x


This post is to all that have a broken heart or relationship problems. There are some who will tell you never to ask the universe for love for a specific person. I on the other will tell you this. If one is to over come the pain of missing another or losing someone one must never ever give up on love or faith, Believe and accept that all will be alright. Its not what you are asking for but how you ask for it. You can not make someone love you and the universe will not mess with free will so Do Not ASK. However, if you send love you get love. For example, Let say William leaves me for another, or just leaves me cause he wants to, for what reason he has in his mind at the time. I would write the universe and say this.
Dear universe, I come with desire,love and energy to place my order of love. I ask the universe to continue to allow (your names) to be best of friends and lovers. Thank you for clearing the way for the love we share now. (your names here) we love each other so much. I am so greatful for this unconditnal love that we have. I am greatful that he is kind,loving,trustful. Write everything with a positive vision of what you want. as thought you have it now. Now thank the universe.

leave space here in the middle of this area write all positive things you want in a relationship

----->love, marriage, children, sex, happiness, fatihness, trustworthy,clarity, understanding, unconditional love and so on. what ever positive thing you want here. it does not have make sense. the universe understand

I am open and ready to create my order thank you for opening the door that allows the universe to manifest my order.
thank you universe for all you have given me.
In the morning when you get up open your written journal ( paper journal) and read it as you read this envision all you asked for as though you already have it and enjoying it. then thank the universe again.


Dear father of the universe, I come before you with love, desire, and energy to thank you for all my blessing. I thank you for the wonderful people on this site who reach out to me and send me love. I am truly blessed with your devine love. Thank you universe for opening the door that allows the universe to manifest my cosmic order. I thank you manifesting my cosmic order of love. Thank you ,Thank you.

thank you universe

I am truly blessed with love and wealth from the universe.thank you universe

a year on and my hopes and dreams seems further away than ever

did I do something wrong as my orders have not been fulfiled after a year

Re-order to universe

Hi I am not sure what you want from the universe. However, lets see if I can help you a bit. Try this next time.example --->
Dear universe with love,energy and desire I place my order. I am greatful that you have opened your door and given me love,wealth,happiness,and joy.My life is filled with abundance of all the things I want and need. I am greatful that you have given all of this to me. I am living a better life now, I have all this wealth.
now in the middle of all this right down what ever it is you are wanting example

leave space here

love,marriage,children,money,respect,kindness,house,car and so on
than below all this write this.
leave space here

I am open and ready to create my order thank you for opening the door that allows the universe to manifest my order.
thank you universe for all you have given me.
In the morning when you get up open your written journal ( paper journal) and read it as you read this envision all you asked for as though you already have it and enjoying it. then thank the universe again.

thank you sweetspirit

I have reordered to the universe and have taken your advise.

Many thanks for taking the time to advise others



If you need any help from me please ask. here is my email write me if you need anything.

Love Sweetspirit.

Thank you!

Dear Sweetspirit (what a lovely name!)

I just read the advice you gave someone on this site and I think I'll give it a try as well!
Thank you for being so kind and sharing your advice and positive energy with others.

I've noticed how more and more people are using the guest book to leave messages and it's so touching to see other people reach out to them to help or respond.

I hope that everything you ask for always comes true,

With love and best wishes,
M x


Believe it or not I have gotten 3 of the 5 things I asked for. So will you.

Love and Light to you. Love from sweetspirit

Hi, I read the previous post


I read the previous post about the 25yr old and just felt compelled to say afew words. Find the blessings in today because in my life I have learned to have come to the realisations that you have and at a relatively young age you truly are blessed. You are on the journey to truly knowing and understanding yourself and your true desires and needs in life. The next step though is then valuing all that you are.

I'm 27 today actually lol, but when I was 25 I also had that aha moment and realised I was and am worthy of all that the world had to offer me. I can't say its an easy journey but honestly regardless of the external in my life which is actually quite good now, I am in such a state of peace with who I am and its not that I've changed its just that I value myself so much more now. No matter where you are today the possibilities are limitless of where you can go, just keep on going and moving forward and you'll get there.

I wish you joy and happiness beyond your dreams and well done for acknowledging where you are today.


Thank you!

I thank you with all my heart and soul for granting my cosmic order. The very next day I presented the presentation and it went down well. I also go onto the programme I wanted to. I want to say Thank You for opening my heart to all the the universe can truly deliver. Love and joy always!!

XxX Big smile

Cosmic order request

Dear universe I am so greatful for opening the doors so that my order to the universe could Laughing out loud manifest.I thank you so much for manifesting my request. thank you universe. My request was placed this morning and it is not due to be filled until april, yet it was given to me hours latter so yes the universe does listen and gives. Thank you universe.
Laughing out loud

Thanks...its working

i want to thanks this site.I made four requests out of one has come true three are due and i am sure they would also come true.i got exactly what i wanted that's its power.CHEERS!!!!!!!

thank you my cosmic

i would just like to say a big thank you to my cosmic and to my friend elaine who told me about this , i have just had my first cosmic order filled and i am so very very happy and greatfull for this so thank you universe x


Love hi to the person who post a guest entry, i admire your strenght and faith. you have made the right steps in finding yourself and i do read your entry and know the law of attraction has brought you here! for me i know life can be hard and we all want something or someone to take the pain away but you know that its ONLY YOU that can do the most work.
you say you dont know what to ask for but i think you know what you want you just dont know how to put it in to practise. you could start of each day by saying or writting


You see you have to say and give thanks to the universe as if you have already recieved what ever you want in your life, even if you dont see or have it yet.
may i suggest to you to check out THE SECRET website. its great on there, you get to read stories from all background of people in so many different walks of life talk about what they went through, what they ask for and YES THEY GOT IT ONE DAY.
also there is a few books and audio on THE SECRET. you can try looking them up in your library or on ebay they are a good read. i fing the video is great for watching on a daily basis to keep your faith and mind strong.
i hope to have helped you a bit and i will be putting a request in for you to stay clean, free and most importly HAPPY.

life hope finding belief

i have never shared what i'm about to but in doing so maybe someone will reply,in fact i don't no what i hope to come of it
i'm 25yrs, addicted to class a drugs always been a self destructful person nwho recently realised this is not what i want from life.If i told my life story all i'll gain is pity i'v suffered a lot now i see i'v asked for everything after my mothers suicide i adopted a neg outlook on myself and life blocking any chance of happiness.
i am desperate for help and guidance.
I'm nt ever described as a sterio type addicted personality is so caring and sensitive but only those who no me understand and yet they can't see past my surface.
I'm blessed with brains,life gave me wisdom and yet my will power lacks so much.
chance found cosmic ordering and it seems i have recieved ortders i placed.
i don't no what it is i shopuld be ordering a few months ago i asked for help to stop using drugs before that i had never even thought about i find myself writin this.i am so lost and confused yet i no in my heart my life was meant for more than this.
i no this may not even read sense to some but anyone it does please HELP