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thank you sweetspirit

I have reordered to the universe and have taken your advise.

Many thanks for taking the time to advise others



If you need any help from me please ask. here is my email write me if you need anything.

Love Sweetspirit.

Thank you!

Dear Sweetspirit (what a lovely name!)

I just read the advice you gave someone on this site and I think I'll give it a try as well!
Thank you for being so kind and sharing your advice and positive energy with others.

I've noticed how more and more people are using the guest book to leave messages and it's so touching to see other people reach out to them to help or respond.

I hope that everything you ask for always comes true,

With love and best wishes,
M x


Believe it or not I have gotten 3 of the 5 things I asked for. So will you.

Love and Light to you. Love from sweetspirit

Hi, I read the previous post


I read the previous post about the 25yr old and just felt compelled to say afew words. Find the blessings in today because in my life I have learned to have come to the realisations that you have and at a relatively young age you truly are blessed. You are on the journey to truly knowing and understanding yourself and your true desires and needs in life. The next step though is then valuing all that you are.

I'm 27 today actually lol, but when I was 25 I also had that aha moment and realised I was and am worthy of all that the world had to offer me. I can't say its an easy journey but honestly regardless of the external in my life which is actually quite good now, I am in such a state of peace with who I am and its not that I've changed its just that I value myself so much more now. No matter where you are today the possibilities are limitless of where you can go, just keep on going and moving forward and you'll get there.

I wish you joy and happiness beyond your dreams and well done for acknowledging where you are today.


Thank you!

I thank you with all my heart and soul for granting my cosmic order. The very next day I presented the presentation and it went down well. I also go onto the programme I wanted to. I want to say Thank You for opening my heart to all the the universe can truly deliver. Love and joy always!!

XxX Big smile

Cosmic order request

Dear universe I am so greatful for opening the doors so that my order to the universe could Laughing out loud manifest.I thank you so much for manifesting my request. thank you universe. My request was placed this morning and it is not due to be filled until april, yet it was given to me hours latter so yes the universe does listen and gives. Thank you universe.
Laughing out loud

Thanks...its working

i want to thanks this site.I made four requests out of one has come true three are due and i am sure they would also come true.i got exactly what i wanted that's its power.CHEERS!!!!!!!

thank you my cosmic

i would just like to say a big thank you to my cosmic and to my friend elaine who told me about this , i have just had my first cosmic order filled and i am so very very happy and greatfull for this so thank you universe x


Love hi to the person who post a guest entry, i admire your strenght and faith. you have made the right steps in finding yourself and i do read your entry and know the law of attraction has brought you here! for me i know life can be hard and we all want something or someone to take the pain away but you know that its ONLY YOU that can do the most work.
you say you dont know what to ask for but i think you know what you want you just dont know how to put it in to practise. you could start of each day by saying or writting


You see you have to say and give thanks to the universe as if you have already recieved what ever you want in your life, even if you dont see or have it yet.
may i suggest to you to check out THE SECRET website. its great on there, you get to read stories from all background of people in so many different walks of life talk about what they went through, what they ask for and YES THEY GOT IT ONE DAY.
also there is a few books and audio on THE SECRET. you can try looking them up in your library or on ebay they are a good read. i fing the video is great for watching on a daily basis to keep your faith and mind strong.
i hope to have helped you a bit and i will be putting a request in for you to stay clean, free and most importly HAPPY.

life hope finding belief

i have never shared what i'm about to but in doing so maybe someone will reply,in fact i don't no what i hope to come of it
i'm 25yrs, addicted to class a drugs always been a self destructful person nwho recently realised this is not what i want from life.If i told my life story all i'll gain is pity i'v suffered a lot now i see i'v asked for everything after my mothers suicide i adopted a neg outlook on myself and life blocking any chance of happiness.
i am desperate for help and guidance.
I'm nt ever described as a sterio type addicted personality is so caring and sensitive but only those who no me understand and yet they can't see past my surface.
I'm blessed with brains,life gave me wisdom and yet my will power lacks so much.
chance found cosmic ordering and it seems i have recieved ortders i placed.
i don't no what it is i shopuld be ordering a few months ago i asked for help to stop using drugs before that i had never even thought about i find myself writin this.i am so lost and confused yet i no in my heart my life was meant for more than this.
i no this may not even read sense to some but anyone it does please HELP

( My heart understands your pain

Sad( My heart understands your pain since I had to deal with my stepsons addictions. What I can tell you is this, smile Laughing out loud real big because you have taken the first step by asking the universe to give you change. When he came to me for help I gave him my hand, but held it real close to me so that he would have to reach out to grab it and he did. It took 4 trys to get him clean now he is free of the addiction. Hold tight you order is being filled. I send love to you, and if you ever need a friend I will be here. I also made him pray and ask for the universe to heal him and it did.

Sending you lots of love and good wishes

Dear Rochelle,
You have been so brave to take this first step to helping yourself. I was really touched to read your message. You need to know that anyone who reads what you wrote will be sending you love and positive energy to get through this. We are ALL with you!

What happened to your mother was NOT your fault and you are not responsible for her actions. Now you have taken responsibility for your own life and have started the healing process. I know you will make it through and remember: you CAN do anything if you just try. If you try, the Universe will help you get there.

God Bless & Take Care,
M x

You have already asked the

You have already asked the question within yourself and answered it. Start on the long road with the first step to overcome your addiction.

You have always known what you truly want from life but not always able to find it and put up with an alternative, which In its self tells you that you didn't want that alternative In the first place.

Don't ever blame yourself for other peoples mistakes or problems. Help yourself first then others. By asking for advice and help on the guest book that is what you want to order i think...more help. go and get the help you know where it is to be found. x x every blessing x x.

Need Answer

How can you be general if you have a particular person that you love and want this person to love you back! Any help in how to ask help from the cosmic for this situation?


I belief is this, If you ask the universe to send love to the one you desire it will. So send all the love you can manifest within, this opens the channel of your request if this person does love you it will come back to you. But before you do this ask yourself this question what do I have to change within myself. You can not bend free will but sending love to him or her can only help to heal you both in a very positive way and may even send him/her back to you.


Dear sweetspirit,

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to me.

I will try your advice. At the end of the day it is a positive thing to send love to people, especially to the ones you love.

Thanks once again

The Universe always tries to give you what's right for you...

Hi Caroline,
I read your question a couple of days ago and since you haven't had a reply yet, I hoped you wouldn't mind if I gave it a try.
I can certainly understand where you're coming from...I think all of us at some point in our lives has had feelings for someone else who doesn't appear to reciprocate what we feel. This can leave us very sad, wondering what we could do to make this person love us back or give us attention / affection we are hoping for in return.
The whole concept of cosmic ordering is that we make wishes or requests from the Universe in a general way and NOT too specific to enable the universe to grant us the things that will satisfy what we really need and what is truly best for us...this doesn't always mean we get what we "want" or think we want. The universe knows what's right for us, even when we don't know that ourselves. There is so much more out there than we know is possible. Don't get fixated on one answer when there are endless possibilities! Perhaps the person you love isn't the one for you and you are not the one for that person - difficult and perhaps painful as this sounds right now, you'll have to learn to accept this.
So, if you love someone - just keep sending them good thoughts of love and positive energy - irrespective of whether they decide to love you back or not. Just feel good about the love you have in your heart for this person...don't feel sad that they don't seem to respond. Stay as upbeat as possible and get on with things in your own life. Act as if you are completely fulfilled in yourself, so that this positive energy radiates from you. This energy of positivity will eventually attract the person of your dreams into your life and this may or may not be the one you are writing about now. If you become totally absorbed by the fact that your love is not being returned and become depressed and negative about this, it will not help you. It will even turn away any good things the Universe wants to send you.

I hope this helps! We've ALL been there, I know it's hard, but have faith that the Universe wants to give you everything possible to ensure your happiness. Just let go and live your life full of positivity - you never know what's around the corner!

Best Wishes,

Thank you

Dear Nirmala

Thank you for your detailed response to Caroline as I am in the same kind of situation.

My partner and I split up and whilst I still love him with all my heart and wish we could work things out together it seems he doesn't feel the same way.

I know I have to stay 'upbeat and positive' or else I attract negitive back but it's really hard to stay positive at this moment in time.

Thanks again.


Dear Karen, Thanks for your

Dear Karen,

Thanks for your message. I'm really sorry that you're going through this difficult time right now...It's really hard when you still love someone who doesn't love you back wonder what you've done wrong and try desperately to put things right. I think the most important thing is to stay true to yourself. People (like your ex partner) do change over time and people sometimes grow apart - for various reasons. We have to accept this. It can be very hurtful when you find that someone you wanted to spend your life with has other plans - and they don't include you. After all, you were prepared to give them everything and now you find that they were not prepared to do the same for you. You can't just pretend to be "upbeat" when you're devastated inside. I think you're allowed to grieve for the loss of the person you need to grieve, but then you need to let go. When you have done that, you can learn to love yourself again. Get to know yourself again. What is it that YOU want out of life? When's the last time you really thought about what you wanted? When you genuinely feel positive about things again, you'll "attract" more positive experiences. You are worthy of someone who will love you in the way that you deserve. Someone who will cherish you and feel that they are so lucky to have you in their lives. That someone is out there looking for you even now. Just have faith that this person who broke up with you was not the "ONE" and that he has now thankfully made way for the real love of your life to appear.

My warmest wishes to you - stay strong: you ARE worthy of love and it will be on its way to you soon,
M x


Dear Nirmala,

First of all thanks for taking the trouble to reply to my help. Secondly it was a very detailed reply that, although I am not happy with the explanation at this moment in time, it does make sense what you wrote.

I will try to take your advice.

Once again thanks and I wish you all the very best Smile


Thank you so much for this website and all the people you help!

Firstly I want to say how happy I am for all the people who posted their positive experiences about how their cosmic orders came true...everyone's requests how ever big or small are miracles and gifts direct from God and the Universe and have made a significant difference to the lives of the people who ordered them.

I've come back to this website recently after having discovered it in Nov or Oct last year. I made two cosmic orders which I wanted fulfilled by my birthday in Feb. They didn't really make this "deadline" but I don't feel bad about it. In fact, I suddenly realized that I needed to be more open about the way in which God and the Universe chose to grant me those requests. I also realized that my requests were perhaps too ambitious for such a short amount of time and that I needed to be grateful for what I have right now and be more understanding about what was going on in my life on many levels and with people around me. We all get so focused on our own wants or needs that we think that things can only be solved in one particular way and close our eyes to the endless possibilities...but if we just open our minds and hearts to the workings of the Great One, we could be wonderfully surprised by how things can actually fall into place.

I am very grateful everyday for every blessing in my life. And by simply having faith in the positive of God and the Universe, I know that all will be as it should be. There has always been someone or something looking out for me and my family. I will continue to trust in this benevolent force to protect us and keep us safe and grant me all that I request at the right time and in the best possible way for me.

Thank you again to the creator of this website! I'm soooo touched by what you have done and the people whose lives you have helped.

1 more thing.......

By the way....I forgot to mention in my last post that I also found out just before getting the bank statement that I was getting a raise and also a bonus that would be on the very next paycheck (the following friday). This brought the total of the funds, after the bank statement to over $2000.00. For 1 whole week things were happening around me that just opened my eyes so much to the fact that I have always been taken care of, even when it seemed that I had no way out. I was telling a loved one what happened to me and even though they seemed to be happy for me, there was a "flatness" to their happiness. It seemed they didnt understand what I was trying to relay. It wasnt about the money, even though I needed it badly, it was about HOW things can happen for us when we stop worrying so much. All of these things were so UNEXPECTED, even though I had asked for debt relief in my last order.......because i couldnt see what i had written down, only the stars, it made SUCH A DIFFERENCE for me. Again, this is my lesson and people may not understand what i am trying to convey. The main point is this......send out those orders and act as though IT IS SO! Best wishes to each and every one of you as you find your orders marked as complete in ways you couldnt even imagine! Party

Cosmic Ordering assists in letting go of the outcome

I placed orders on 1/26 & 1/27, a total of three. All three have manifested within 5-6 days. the most significant "happening" occurred approximately 6 days after the very last order. On that day I was at my wits end because that was pay day and had paid all of my bills and was still a bit short of funds. I could have gotten the funds from a family member but just did not want to. Finally, I just started to write to get my thoughts on paper and to release some emotions. Once I was done, i went back to work and put the worry thoughts aside. Within hours, I received a letter in the mail in the form of a bank statement. This bank statement was from a bank that I had not used in quite a few years and in fact, believed that my account was closed since 2007. The letter showed a balance amount but I thought, hey that probably means i OWE them some money and was about to shred the statment when my husband took it and gave them a call. I had not received anyting from this bank in years! anyway, we called the bank found out that there was a negative in my previous checking account but it had been taken care of and there was a significant amount in my SAVINGS account. I dont remember having a savings with a balance! Before we get off the phone the lady said, by the looks like there are additional funds coming into that account. I was in such shock that I just said ok and hung up the phone. My heart was pounding, not at the fact that I would be able to take care of what needed to be taken care of but at how the Universe works! I have heard of people receiving sums of money from unexpected sources before but it had not happened to me, not in this way. Only 1 of my orders related to money the others were related to my relationships, and it was the last order that I submitted.
It seems that when we release expectation and forget about the "how", it all seems to fall into place. I am so grateful for this lesson, as I do believe it is an important one. All things are possible when we just ask, release....than receive.
If anyone has doubts, try this with an open mind and release attachment to outcome and you too will see. This practice is one of the best on the Law of Attraction.

PS some people may think "you had the money all along, you just forgot." to those people, it doesnt matter whether it was money i forgot about, what matters is that I received it when I very least expected it and came about in such a way that it may as well have just dropped out of the sky. Again, it is a lesson to ME that having faith and releasing worry is most important. Cool

new job

If any one has doubts as to if cosmic ordering really works,take it from me it WORKS!! I used it to help me get the job I wanted and it worked for me, and very quickly aswell.I had faith in it with positive thoughts and i'll definately use it again,you just have to believe in it and yourself.Thank you universe for your help. Smile


Hey everyone i would appreciate any help and advice. I have been trying this for quite a few months now and its not working. I have ordered big things and small things and they aren't being delivered. I admit that i can be quite negative but that's because bad things keep happening. I have tried different ways of ordering and read through the articles but nothing is working. I really want this to work to help get my life on track again and to be happy. Please help.


Go to youtube they have several videos on the subject.

Re: Help

Cosmic Ordering is all about - the complete absence of doubt and detachment. These things are very difficult when you are stressed or very attached to the outcome.

In my experience, those who are in real difficulty tend to order explict things that focus on their greatest anxiety. This is a recipe for disaster!

Step back, try to relax and let go of fear and anxiety and place an order for what you really desire... For example many people in a desperate financial situation will ask for the £1000 they need to pay one bill or another... but a much better order might be "I want to be financially secure". Or if you are having a difficult relationship - "I find my perfect partner". The more you focus in on immediate rather than the deeper underlying desire - the more you are limiting what the Universe can bring.

The concepts of Cosmic Ordering are easy - the doing can take some skill and practice. The more relaxed and detached ( but holding awareness) you can be - the more likely you are to succeed.

Thank you for your response

Thank you for your response and advice. The one thing i am still struggling with though is if the thing you want to order is quite specific how can you be so general about it when making an order? For example from a relationship point of view you say to ask to find my perfect partner but what if you already know who the person is that you want to be with and you want help in having a relationship with that particular person how can asking for that in such a general way work? I know you can't go against someone's free will but if that's the one thing you desire most in the world how will it ever be delivered?

This really works!

I would like to express my immense gratitude for being introduced to this orders continue to be granted and I feel very blessed indeed..Thank you Universe!! Smile