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Hi Sanny its great to hear that things are going well for you. For him to say that he still loves you is fantastic, it must of made you so happy. I would give anything for my ex to say that to me and as much as I would love to hear that right now I am keeping my orders small and would just love for him to contact me. For example just to say hi and to ask how I am. I must admit giving how long its been since I last heard from him its hard to remain positive and to have faith but I am trying. Thank you so much for continuing to order on my behalf it means a lot and I am truly gratefull. I hope things continue to go well for you and that all your dreams, wishes and orders keep being delivered. Take care and God bless x


Hi samjay, have you tried contacting him,? I stopped texting when my texts were being ignored, it was only after placing numerous orders for contact, I started texting again asking the universe for a reply to my texts, and I got it.
Just placed an order for you.
God bless.


Keeping a long and complicated story short the last time we spoke was back in feb. When we did speak it wasn't on great terms but not horrible either and he said he would call me but never did. I rang and text him but never got a reply. One time he did answer but said he was at work and therefore said he would ring back but never did. I have contacted him on numerous occasions even wishing him a happy birthday. I even wrote him a letter explaining how i feel. I have poured my heart out to him and in return got nothing. He didn't even at any point tell me to leave him alone. The last time i text him was the 10th may as a few days before i passed on a work msg and he didn't even say thank u and so i text him saying that i wouldn't pass on anymore msgs. Therefore as much as i would like to contact him its not really an option anymore as i have said everything i can. Thank you so much for ordering for me i am so gratefull. I love him so much x


Oh samjay, my heart bleeds for you, because I know exactly what you are going through.
Even though me and ????? are back on speaking terms we are still not back together, that will come in due course though, I'm certain of that, he text me tonight out of the blue wanting to know what I was up to.
Keep ordering, keep believing, have faith, leave him alone now and wait for it to happen, it has taken months of cosmic ordering for me to get where I am now.
Ask the universe to clear any negative energy between you both. I did.
God bless and keep in touch.


I can't thank you enough for your kindness and help. I am also certain that you and your ex will get back together. Thanks for your advice regarding order that there is on negative feelings between us its a good thing to ask for and one that i hadn't thought of. The one thing i am unsure of is how to do the orders. How do you do it? Should I be asking for certain things to be delivered i.e i would like my ex to contact me or when I place the order should I write like its already happened i.e thank you for my ex contacting me etc. What have you found to be the most successful and once you have ordered do you then just completely forget about it and stop thinking about your ex? I just want this to work so badly x


Hi smajay,
the way I word my orders is.....for example......... "Dear divine, loving universe, please ensure all negative energy between ???? and I, is cleared, thank you, I am ready to recieve my order of which I am so deserving of"
Thats the way I send my orders, always be specific, dont use negative words and imagine its happened.
keep believing. ???? text me again this morning, its as if he wants to ask me something but is afraid of the answer......

I know they say, you can not bend the will of people through cosmic ordering, but I do believe if the love and emotions are there and they just need a nudge in the right direction, it WILL happen.
God bless
PS dont say I would like, say I want and always say thank you. Smile

negative energy

I never use any negative wordsw when ordering, if its a relationship you have to ask yourself if he isnt responding ,why keep going , you deserve to be treated better than this,
the psychic garden

Pyschic garden

Thank you for your comments and I understand why you have said what you have and your right I do deserve better but the one thing I want right now is for my ex to contact me. Surely we shouldn't give up on the things that we want and the people we love and isn't that what cosmic ordering is about asking for the things that we want? x


Hey Sanny
I am so glad that things are going well between u and your ex. Thank you so much for all the help and advice that you have given me. You have really helped me feel more positive and i now have more faith that it will happen and I will place another order regarding any negative feelings. Its so nice to have someone to talk to and with someone who understands how i feel and to share cosmic ordering with. You are in both my thoughts and prayers. God bless and keep in touch x

Not sure

Ok so not sure if this counts but I would like to give my thanks anyway. I have been reading a bit on law of attraction, positive thinking etc and it worked. My sisters cat hadn't come home and it was out for a lot longer than normal and she was starting to worry (especially as her cat that went missing at the beginning of the year was found dead) so I had this thought that I would see her cat waiting at the front door to come in as to which I would then let it in and take it to my sister to show her the cat was home and what do you know her cat came home and I saw it at the door and took it to my sister exactly as I had seen in my thought. Thank you so much universe my sister was really happy. I look forward to my other orders being delivered. Thank you.

mutual love

Dear beloved peaple of the cosmic ordering site I am asking you for all your positive thoughts and help. I am in love with a guy. He has been my best friend for nearly 6 years during which we also had a "relationship". Now I am losing him for another ( a stranger he met virtually) and just now I had to recognize that I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!
I know that he is confused and need to see things straigh and I told him all my feelings but his heart is kind of a frozen.
HELP ME PLEASE! My wish is to love him and be loved by him as I think we are right for each other.

me too sonia

i am going thrugh the same thing with the lady i love

You Love

Smile Hi Sonia, the only advice I can give is visualise your guy every night before sleeping, him begging for your love and forgiving for doubting his love for you. Keep doing this. Malcolm .

I do love!

Dear Malcolm, thank you for your suggestion. Luca is always on my mind, usually he is the last thing before going to bed and first thing in the morning. It's been now 2 months and the only news is that he is going to meet up with this stranger. This broke my heart. I find it hard to accept that after all the things I went through to eventually realise that I love him, now all this seems to have been useless. I have decided not to see him for awhile to protect me but this decision is making me very sad because I miss him and I kiss doing things with him! Does anybody have a similar story to share?

Hey sanny how are you? Have

Hey sanny how are you? Have you had your meeting yet? Hope things are going well for you x

Hi samjay

Hi samjay, still got a long way to go, but we will get there, I still continue to send your cosmic orderers Laughing out loud


Hey Sanny, glad things seem to be going well for you and I am sure all will work out well. Like you said just have to be positve and have faith. The Universe will deliver. Thanks again for continuing to send orders for me, I really appreciate it. Hopefully it won't be long before I am posting about my orders being delivered Smile


we will get there samjay, as I'm sure you will too, Smile


I hope so. I hope the universe delivers everything you have asked for cos I know how painful it is to lose the one you want and love and would give anything to have them back. I look forward to hearing your updates. Take care x

holiday wanted

Smile i would like everyone to help me with my cosmic ordering,i look after my wife 24/7,she's in a wheelchair,and we would love to have a holiday but cant afford one at the moment so i have put in a order to win 1,000 pounds to help us have a dream holiday together,we both need a break,we never even had a honey moon when we got married,so i am asking for all you kind people to help me with my wish, thanks

holiday wanted

hi matt1975, i have placed an order for you. did you win the money? i too am disabled, from a stroke about 14 months ago and i cannot work. My lovely wife looks after me and i have placed an order for financial security - I will report back if/when the cosmos grants it. take care, paul.

I am sending you all my

I am sending you all my thoughts so to help you fulfill your wish.
Are you in UK? isn't any way to rise funds for your situation?
Or what about couch-surfing if you cannot afford accommodation?

I have just closed my eyes and thought of you and your wife.

holiday wanted

My order for you has been sent Smile
Blessings to you and your wife.

Re Where Is My Order

@Z2012 I have made a response below against the original post. In Summary:

A Cosmic Order simply cannot work whilst holding anger/frustration in your heart. Detachment is key to Cosmic Ordering success.

Is it right to attempt to control the free will of another using the universal connection? If it were possible... would YOU mind having your life controlled by others against your will? The Cosmic Connection is a very light thing, a gossamer thread through the chaos. It is my belief that such influences do not work on another unless they run with the Cosmic Flow, ie the intentions of the other person are already running in the same direction.

There are practices such as "Remote Healing" amd Voodoo that attempt to influence others remotely ( for better or worse ) - but they are not Cosmic Ordering.

The Cosmic Guide

Totally agree.

After reading some of these nagative posts that have been put on here recently, I posted something yesterday 16 05 12 titled "It all works out in the end" I hope some of you cosmicers out there agree with me ,as this post by you says it all . peace and happiness to all.

Z2012 Frusration

I have placed a cosmic order on your behalf, It will happen eventually.

Hi sanny I don't know if you

Hi sanny I don't know if you have seen the post that I replied to yours but I am also having similar problems in my orders not being delivered and the order I would like is for me and my ex to be in contact again just as you did. I have tried contacting him on numerous occasions but he is ignoring me and therefore contacting him again isn't really an option anymore. I was therefore wondering if you could also place an order for me?

Hi samjay, I will be

Hi samjay, I will be delighted to send a cosmic order on your behalf, your subject is dear to my heart Smile
I am now in regular contact with my ex and meeting this week, I think I mentioned that last month he wouldn't even answer my text messages !!

I will submit an order right away, just have faith it will happen, mine took nearly 2 months to manifest, have patience and faith. It works.

Sanny, thank you so so much

Sanny, thank you so so much for agreeing to place an order on my behalf. I am so grateful. It put a big smile on my face. I will try my absolute hardest to be patient and to have faith and in some ways I think having you place an order for me will make this easier as I will not be so anxious about it as I don't even know when its due which I think is really helpful. I really hope that the universe continues to deliver your orders and that you and your ex sort things out. If you ever need the favour repaying I will be glad to help. Thank you once again for your help and the kindness you have shown to a stranger. Thank you universe Smile

samjay, you are so very

samjay, you are so very welcome, I will continue to send your order everyday, just believe it will happen, imagine it has already happened, thank the universe everyday.
Z2012. yes I did place an order for you and your friend, just have faith, it may take sometime, but it WILL happen when you least expect it..