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New start!

I placed an order on 24th February for a new job and left the default delivery date as 23rd March - a month later. I forgot all about it, until I applied for a role in my chosen new field. I was invited to interview - you guessed it - on 23rd March, and in a nutshell, I start my new job next Monday! Thank you Universe!

Thank you

Smile Cosmos thank you so much for my past orders which have been safely delivered. I continue to believe in the universe and am in no doubt that my recently placed orders will also be delivered in due course.
Thank you for being out there.

Let it Go

Let it Go Smile


Wow I placed a order 4 weeks and received what I had asked for so so grateful thank you so much this is amazing xxxxxx Big smile

Thank you

Thank you the Universe for delivering my orders as requested.

Thank you universe for

Laughing out loud
Thank you universe for fulfilling my wishes and providing what I need. I am constantly amazed at what I ask for by cosmic order comes to me in the allotted time.
I am blessed and full of gratitude.

1st order fulfilled

I placed a new cosmic order on January 5th....
By yesterday February 8th it has all ready been fulfilled!!! Thank you!!
Ask, believe, receive Smile

Thank you universe

Thank you universe so much for my holiday we have just booked the universe works in wonderful ways I sent my order out to the universe a few weeks ago and the univers has delivered thank you so so much universe Love


I have placed my orders and I so want and wish them to come true thank you universe

Thank You Universe!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much...

passed the exam

Thank you very much...


Smile I am grateful that I paid the outstanding bill of my BSNL mobile connection easily and effortlessly.Thank you.
It works!

to see someone

thank you o universe,it really works. someone I love to see just came just as I wish for. I was so happy .

Thank you

Thank you for my past 2 orders. My first arrived around 2 weeks after I had specified, but still happened and my second happened by the date I specified. i had actually forgotten I had sent it until I looked at my emails on the Monday morning Party

I found my lost item!! THANK

Smile I found my lost item!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Thank you

Thank you Cosmos for the fulfilled order of my home.

Ordered in March and moved in at the end of April. My apologies for taking you for granted and not sending my thanks sooner than today!

Thank you God and Universe

I had placed my cosmic order and I was hoping for my dream to manifest within a month...However, the order was delivered after 3 months. Thank you Universe..thank you thank you thank you! To my friends...have faith and place order only if you believe it works for your highest good. Every wish comes true and I wish each one of you happiness.


You delivered again

Thank you for keeping my daughter safe whilst travelling Asia.
You delivered my request for good weather for our two week holiday.
I don't know how you do it but I'm so glad that you do.

My first time visiting the Cosmic Ordering Site-Wow!!!

I just placed my first order! I have been looking for this information for most of my life and did not know it! I, too, felt that "The Secret" did not touch on my desire.... to manifest at will. The Cosmic Order site is a dream come true! Thank you, most of all, for providing this information, at no charge! Glad to be a member and I will tell others!

I trust you

Thank you so much for such a great site..... As soon as i Place my orders today I felt a deep sense of relaxation with in my body . I m feelimg much more confident and faithful now than before ... I believe I got a great platform to release all my deepest desires in the Holy divine universe.... Thank you very very much for this great site ...


One of mine came partly true and was so pleased. Please make my recent ones come true and I will be thankful forever. Please universe I'm in desperate need and need your help again. Please bring steven and myself together xx Love

I've ordered a hippy

Smile hello, I'm new to your website and I absolutely love it! I've ordered a man, a hippy..kind and caring loving and sexy! Thanks for allowing me to be a member and I'm very excited by this! I will let you's know what happens with my request! Thanks universe for allowing me to find you!

Thank you

I want to thank you so much for the orders you have granted
me recently. My brother arrived safely, my daughter got her parcel,
I have found lost items and I am so grateful for all you do.
Thank you thank you thank you.

It really does work

I have had many orders on this site all of which have manifested. The latest one came exactly on the day I had asked for it. Each day I thank the Universe for fulfilling my dreams and wish everyone on the site the same success Smile Smile Smile MJ

Fantastic experience !

I am thrilled , and shocked at the speed of my delivery ! I asked for some sales in my small business..... It has been quiet for some while .....within 5 minutes, I had received an order, and another within 12 hours !! I believed and and I received ! THANK YOU THANKYOU THANKYOU

Lost Belongings

Thank you once again for another order you have
fulfilled. I have found both of my lost items.
I am so grateful for all that you do for me.

Why it is not working for me?

I wonder, why my wishes are not comming true?
Its something wrong with me? Do I have a bad karma? Does the universe not like me? Did I asked for too much? Are my wishes impossible?

I need answers, please.

Thank you.

Just ask, don't put any

Just ask, don't put any restrictions on where your order is coming from or how you will get it just state what you need, submit your order, forget about it and just have faith that it will happen, the more you focus on it the less likely it seems to happen!

Anytime I just submit an order and go away and forget about it it just happens when it happens, honestly!! Even put in a couple of different orders at a time and like I said go away forget about it and just have faith that it will happen!

My last order was this simple " I need a new washing machine and couch as soon as possible" and that was it! Wish you all the best and hope it works out soon for you!

If you read your questions

If you read your questions again, then you know why you have not manifested your wishes.

- My wishes are not coming true
- There is something wrong with me
- I have bad karma
- I asked for too much
- My whishes are impossible.

Your questions are negative. This is only a reflection of your true beliefs. Those staments are like the negatives of a photograph. The picture you see doesn't look like the negatives of the picture. You need to align them both.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Universe

For all the blessings I have received so far. I am truly grateful for the wishes you have granted me, including my new home & all my lovely friends & family. I am abundantly grateful. xxx Smile Love