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Thank you...

I want to say "Thank you" the cosmic order that I placed has been fulfilled much to my delight, my new partner is so sensual to me,... in fact we fit together so perfectly. feel sometimes that I have to pinch myself to prove that I am so *Happy*
Yours Sincerely
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Jean Cristine Smith

This does work

I have been using this site for a few years now to help me in a personal relationship and it always helps. I sometimes wonder if I ask too much
I stay positive that I will get what I want even if it takes time

I am new to site and the

I am new to site and the angels and the universe have granted two requests. An immediate response. Thank you

My order for a companion

I am here to Thank you very much for finding a companion .. we get along so well, and we are building a very nice friendship, we both agree that to start a good relationship it needs to start with friendship first .. I am looking forward to the completion of this order that a placed..
best wishes

My Heart can heal

Thank you for fulfilling my order ... David is everything I asked for ...I feel truly blessed...
My Heart can heal now, I have found my other half , a wonderful life partner.
truly grateful
Jean x

My order for help

Smile Thank you for listening to my plea for help ..which was answered I am sad that the outcome was as it had to be, But I am fully understanding the reasons why... No more Pain now at peace .
Thank you
regards Jean x

Strange but it works

Everything I wished for came to fruition within the date requested. I can't really believe it, coincidence or not, it's blessed.

Thank you with all my heart x

Since 2010 , I have been using this wonderful site . The universe has been exceptionally kind to me and hopefully will continue to do so.
It brings me great comfort to know that the cosmos has my best interests at heart.
Thank you so much , with love , Hannah

This is the very best place

This is the very best place to be when cosmic ordering. A great site and so much appreciated. Been on here for many years and had so much success with my wishes. Sending blessings to all who come here and for the creation of the site itself.
The Universe never ever lets us down.
MJ Smile

Grateful thanks!

Smile The Universe has delivered the permanent, well paid post I asked for at the university.

My life is full of wonderful people (family included) - and for that I am truly grateful. My darling child is recovering from a terrible shock and two bereavements but she has been granted strength and forbearance and she will be well again.... thank you, thank you, thank you.

With love

My sincerest gratitude for

Smile My sincerest gratitude for all of my requests being granted. Thank you universe.

Helped with a worry

Thank you great Cosmos for helping me with many a worry that had crept into my mind at stupid o clock in the morning. only to find it ok or resolved the next day.

I asked and I received

I would like to thank the universe for helping and presenting me with solutions to help my situation. I thank you again and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep helping and guided me through this year Big smile xxx

Cosmic ordering has worked for me for 10 years

Smile I feel blessed to be introduced to cosmic ordering which changed my life.
In placing my love trust and wishes have achieved a life beyond my dreams.
learn to believe in yourself, trust your instincts, listen to your angel.
In connecting with my spiritual world my life is much better.
I am not materialistic just wanted to be loved, happy and in a better place.
In you I trust

Courageous steps

Thank you Universe for helping me take some pretty important steps to building a better future for me and my family. I was very scared to take these steps but now have the courage to begin a process. I asked for courage - and I now have it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Smile Smile Smile Smile

New job

I asked the universe to help me with my application for a job and although it's a long process ,and I've not got the job yet! The universe has helped me this far


Love Thank you to the cosmos i have a house Love amazing thank you

Thank you to The Universe for delivering again

I recently placed a fairly large order with the universe. One of those orders that you place but have no idea how it could possibly be fulfilled as it's quite a tall order. I placed my order and put it out of my mind, moving forward in my usual positive and optimistic way. Out of nowhere part of my order was fulfilled today. I am incredibly grateful, thankful and proud to be part of our universe. It is full of abundance. If you trust and place an order born out of love, for the goodness of everyone else and yourself, it will always be delivered. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Order Received

My Order For An Email For My True Love Who I Haven't Seen For 3 Years Was Delivered Into My Inbox within a day of ordering. I cannot thank the cosmos enough for the help I have received Smile

thank you :)

This is the best site about law of attraction. This is the only way of correct using law of attraction. I am very happy finding this web sites Smile :)

Stars answered what I asked

Stars answered what I asked of them THANK YOU SO SO MUCH Big smile

Stars answered what I asked fo8

The home I asked for was offered to me a
I didn't take house but cosmic stars listened to me Thank you

The universe delivers again and again

I have been asking the universe for things for a while now and the universe has delivered every time except on 2 occasions.
Both these times were relating to property and looking back now, neither were right for me. The universe knew and did not deliver what I asked for.
I know now that if I don't get what I ask for, its because the universe knows it not right for me.

Thank you for keeping me on the right path and helping me make my dreams come true.

My Order came early

I am so thankful to the comic stars and the universe!! You delivered my order so much quicker than I expected and I couldn't be happier!! Thank you so much xxxx



Peaceful outcome

Smile placed an order for a peaceful compassionate outcome to a situation that was getting bigger by the day. 24 hours later. Received email with very pleasant message!!! Thank you cosmos

Got my dream home!!!!

Been on this site for a good few years now and have been so lucky with it so many times. Sometimes things haven't materialized but I know looking back that any times this has happened its because I haven't been as positive about it and not in the right frame of mind and too overly focused on what I wanted rather than submitting my order and trusting the cosmos/universe to fulfil it but when I do it always always works.

Now I have my dream house. We are just renting but this is literally my dream house and its a once in a lifetime find, everything just at the most perfect time and its more than I could ever have imagined.

Am so so grateful and feel like my confidence in trusting the universe to provide has been renewed a million times over, never again will I doubt or worry about anything because this just seems to always work, maybe it could all just be coincidence, dont really care if people think I am insane I am ecstatic!!

New to Site

Christmas 2011 being single for seven years was looking for love so placed a cosmic order. January 2012 I found my soul mate, November 2012 we married.

Life has been a little testing of late with negatrons invading my soul however; positive things are happening and I feel once more able to commit to myself.

Today I found your site and have humbly cosmic ordered...... Thank you for your amazing page.

Big smile

things in life working out perfectly

Smile Smile we are so thankful for everything

there aren't enough smileys in the world

There just aren't enough smileys in the world to depict how fantastic this all is. I realised i have been on this site for more than two years and still keep coming back because it is all so fantastic.
Believe. receive.
Smile Laughing out loud Big smile Wink Tongue Shock Cool Party Love Crown