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Step 1: Prepare Your Cosmic Order

Simply type in your name and your Cosmic Order using the box below, specifying what date you would like it delivered.

Step 2: Review Your Cosmic Order

Look over your order. Is it something you really want? Is the wording and intent positive? (see cosmic ordering guide ). Modify it now if it is not quite right. Entering an email below is optional. Providing an email means you can recover and review your orders in the future and you are notified when it becomes due. Click on 'why?' button for details.
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Step 3: Submit Your Cosmic Orders Now!

Your cosmic order is ready to go. Before you press the submit button, look over you order and lightly imagine how it will actually feel for you when it is fulfilled. When you are ready, submit your order to the Universe by clicking on the button below. Once submitted, do not be anxious about it's delivery, leave the universe to manifest your cosmic order in its own creative way.
By clicking on the 'submit' button, I understand that I am responsible for my actions and accept full responsibility and liability for the consequences of any cosmic orders I place.