Eastenders, Peggy, The Vic and Cosmic Ordering

Peggy - Eastenders

Cosmic Ordering has once again reared its head in the media - not in the news so much this time but in the popular soap Eastenders and it's certainly causing a bit of a stir.

The New of the World had this to say! "We have witnessed the arrival of Cosmic ordering in Walford. Five years after Noel Edmonds first made it famous. And two years after most comedians stopped making jokes about it.

Still, I have to admit I did learn something new. Because apparently, according to Pat, your order won't be fulfilled unless you say it out loud."

Cosmic Ordering has become a thread running through recent episodes of Eastenders. Peggy has been using Cosmic Ordering to bring back what she most wants ... The Vic.

At the time of writing, it has not been revealed whether Peggie's Cosmic Order will come true - but the fact is... if she does get the Vic back - it's unlikely to have anything to do with Cosmic Ordering!

What? How can the Cosmic Guide say that? Well - it's simple really. I don't watch Eastenders much, but I know enough about the characters, to know that in relation to the Vic, Peggy lacks one vital ingredient for her Cosmic Ordering to succeed - detachment. One of the golden rules of Cosmic Ordering is that when you express your Cosmic Order, out aloud or any other way you want to do it - you must then let it go and release it to the universe in the absolute conviction that it will come to you. If there is one thing that Peggy is totally obsessive about it's the Vic - I really don't see her remaining "lightly detached"! Do You?!

The burning question for Peggy of course is - if her order succeeds - will the Universe smile on her...