Is Cosmic Ordering Really SO Incredible?

It wasn't so long ago that even the mention of Cosmic Ordering or Manifesting would cause people to look at you strangely but more recently, in the wake of movies like "The Secret" and "What the Beep", the public have become more aware of the discoveries and paradox's of quantum physics. Now its a hot topic!

Throughout the history of the world, there have ben seismic shifts in our understanding of the world. But these shifts are not quick to take root, they can take many years before people are able to let go of the old truths and start to see new realities. It took many decades before it became generally accepted that the world was round instead of flat - even in the face of compelling proof. And so it is today - quantum physics is forcing the world to come to terms with another major shift in understanding about the very nature of the world we live in. And even though this research is well established, it faces the same resitance and dogma as the "round worlders" experienced. People find it difficult and are unwilling to let go of established dogmas and it is often left to the next younger generation to embrace the new truths.

The discoveries are well established and researched and turn science as we know it upside-down. The basic principle behind Cosmic Ordering - that our thoughts are creative, is strongly evidenced in the field of quantum mechanics. In particular the current understanding of how the "Quantum Field" works, is th