Cosmic Ordering - Sometimes You Must Collect

Cosmic Ordering can manifest anything you desire but sometimes it won't deliver, you have to go and collect.

Much of the recent media hype might leave you with the impression that Cosmic Ordering is a case of "wish and receive" - and in some superficial cases it might appear so. But Cosmic Ordering is not a one way process. As the universe brings your desires towards you, sometimes, you must take the path it lays out for you also. So that you can be in the right place to receive it.

One of the little cosmic orders I often use is for parking my car. I know I am going to need a car parking space so I order it as I approach my destination - and hey presto! there is my spot. But think about this order carefully - I am already in the right place to receive the order - all I have to do is look out for the space.

But for someone who wants to manifest something much bigger like a new home, a perfect partner or a successful career, they are often not in the right place at that moment to receive their desire and in such cases the universe is likely to deliver intuitive thoughts, ideas or opportunities that will open a pathway towards the place where you can receive it.

Here is an example. Suppose a young man who was a bit of a "couch-potato" placed a cosmic order to become a great football player and to win the FA cup. It is clear that as part of any delivery, the young man is going to have to change because great footballers must be extremely fit and active to succeed. Cosmic ordering is not magic, it is not wishful thinking and such things do not manifest out of thin air. Such a delivery will invariably come, not as an instantaneous transformation to a super fit footballer standing in Wembley for the FA cup final, but as some opportunity,coincidence or idea; that if he has the desire and courage to take - will invariably guide him to that moment of perfect fulfillment.

The moral; well sometimes the cosmos will simply bring you what you want, because you are ready to receive it. At other times you may be required to collect your order... and to do that you must get up off the couch.